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Fighting Back Against the School Psychologist and the School System

So, recently, we had an unfortunate encounter with the school psychologist. This is a person who has no experience or expertise in the area of Autism or any other developmental delay mind you. She basically wanted to give up on my child and put him in another program. She didn't think that his current placement was the right one. My son's actual teacher is always telling me the accomplishments that he is making. Granted, it is at his own pace, but he has still made progress. His teacher loves him and doesn't want him leaving her class. The school system basically wants to take some of my son's services away. It's pretty ridiculous, because my son is 7. He is not a 40 year old man stuck in his ways. There is still so much growth that is going to happen. The problem is, is that my son is stubborn and doesn't always want to do things. It doesn't mean that he can't. So, I wrote a letter to to district, telling them of my encounter with the school psychologist and basically what I thought of the situation and that my husband and I do not want him switching programs. My son is not a number, he is a person and deserves to be treated as such.

I have had these experiences with school psychologist, not only as a parent, but when I worked in the schools as well. They treat parents as if they are not educated. For one, we are educated! Two, we are educated in this case in the most important thing, our children!! I will not allow my son to be treated with such disrespect. I have never been one to back down when it comes to sticking up for the right thing, and I sure am not going to start now!!

Part of my 9-5 is being a case manager for children and adults who receive state services because they have developmental disabilities. That includes making sure that these children are receiving the services that they need and to advocate for families, so I definitely know what I am doing.

As a parent, we are our children's best advocate! Don't let the school system bully you!! Stand up for your child's rights, so that they get the best education possible! Never back down!

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